Between Chains and Starlight now available

Between Chains and Starlight now available

–Marketing subroutines activate.

–A “dark fantasy and science fiction RPG ebook” by <Author name here> has recently been completed and is now available at:

–Please follow the provided link to detailed product description and examine provided previews. There is a 95% probability your expectations will be met or exceeded.

–Trustworthy smile.

-Bennie Martinali
Space Potato Productions


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5 responses to “Between Chains and Starlight now available”

  1. SeeleyOne says :

    I just got it from RPG Now. As I was skimming through it, I noticed that the font does not play nice with my computer. In many cases I was not sure what it was trying to say. Either the font needs to be embedded in the pdf, or it needs to be made available so people can read the pdf as intended.

    • SeeleyOne says :

      To clarify, as I look through the pdf at first the text looks good, then after looking at a few pages the font screws up at headings and in the text body. If I go back to previous pages it also screws up. I am not so sure if it is a font issue (although it might be), it is possible that it has something to do with the software that was used to turn it into the pdf format. I have never seen this happen in a pdf before, so this is a guess (nor have I ever made such a large pdf).

      • spacepotatoproductions says :

        You are the first person who has informed me of this problem. The fonts *are* embedded, or at least they should be, based on the program’s settings. I am not a computer expert, but if the text and fonts display properly at first, and then screw up after several pages, then also retroactively on the previous pages, it seems to me that either something is wrong with the file, or an incompatibility with the software you are using to read it.

        I suggest you try redownloading the file, in case it somehow got corrupted. Also, what software/version are you using? The file is a version 1.4 PDF.

        If the problem remains, I can make a new file with different settings and see if it works better for you. In the meantime I will ask some more tech savvy people if they know what the problem might be.

        Either way, thanks for bringing to my attention.

        -Bennie Martinali
        Space Potato Productions

  2. SeeleyOne says :

    I downloaded it again, and it works fine. 🙂 Weird. In the past when I had gotten a corrupted file it would not even open. Anyway, it looks a whole lot better now that I can actually read it. 😀

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