Enforcer Tripod

Enforcer Tripod

Excerpt from ‘Between Chains and Starlight’:

Originally, Kurion cyborgs were intended purely to intimidate a captured populace into submission, and cyborgs were designed to be as horrific as possible, with body parts visible, often with machine parts embedded in them in seemingly painful ways. A typical enforcer is an 8 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide three-legged armature of black steel upon which an elongated turret six foot long rests. The turret is made of the same black steel, with the still-living face of an indentured servant at the tip of the semi-flexible front end. The mouth holds a small laser gun, and the turret has a machinegun on the side. The flesh of the servant’s distorted torso is visible in several places on the turret, riddled with machine parts. It does not make arrests, it does not write tickets, it does not even speak before it attacks. Despite being armed with a machinegun and laser, its primary weapon is fear; it serves as a constant reminder of what happens to those who oppose the authorities. Enforcer Tripods are hardly the most effective combat unit of the Kurion but they have become both the most iconic and the most hated symbols of the Kurion empire.
Versions that are solely used in combat usually do not have the exposed flesh and ribs, as they are essentially decorative. The basic, unmodified design still relies on human eyes for targeting however, meaning the face or at least the eyes will still be there, protected by transparent armor.


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