Dragons in Space (and stuff) – FREE!

Dragons in Space (and stuff) - FREE!

Dragons in Space – and stuff!

This booklet includes some ships that made appearances in an ongoing campaign but did not make it into the previous book, Between Chains and Starlight. It contains some oddball creatures and ships for use in scifi or fantasy settings that involve space travel. (The dragons can be used in ground-only campaigns also.)

“Dragons in Space (and stuff)” contains rules, stat blocks, and illustrations for spaceborne dragons, Starlight Dragons, and the Abomination; two ‘hostile’ NPC ships; two stations; one neutral trading ship; and one more ‘traditional’ spaceship for use by player characters, complete with floorplan.

Rules and stat blocks for the dragons are created to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game when personal (traditional) combat is involved. Additional rules are included when vehicles or ships come into play. The larger dragons can not realistically be defeated without starships. (The largest ones may not be beatable in straight-up battles at all.) Rules and stat blocks regarding ship combat are created to be compatible with the ruleset presented in Between Chains and Starlight, but can also be used in games using existing Open Game Content rules with relatively little modification.

Some illustrations span two pages and are best viewed with dual page view enabled.

You can get the PDF here for free (technically it’s pay-what-you-want): http://www.rpgnow.com/product/121403/Dragons-in-Space-and-stuff
and here (no PWYW option): http://paizo.com/products/btpy92so?Dragons-in-Space


Enforcer Tripod

Enforcer Tripod

Excerpt from ‘Between Chains and Starlight’:

Originally, Kurion cyborgs were intended purely to intimidate a captured populace into submission, and cyborgs were designed to be as horrific as possible, with body parts visible, often with machine parts embedded in them in seemingly painful ways. A typical enforcer is an 8 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide three-legged armature of black steel upon which an elongated turret six foot long rests. The turret is made of the same black steel, with the still-living face of an indentured servant at the tip of the semi-flexible front end. The mouth holds a small laser gun, and the turret has a machinegun on the side. The flesh of the servant’s distorted torso is visible in several places on the turret, riddled with machine parts. It does not make arrests, it does not write tickets, it does not even speak before it attacks. Despite being armed with a machinegun and laser, its primary weapon is fear; it serves as a constant reminder of what happens to those who oppose the authorities. Enforcer Tripods are hardly the most effective combat unit of the Kurion but they have become both the most iconic and the most hated symbols of the Kurion empire.
Versions that are solely used in combat usually do not have the exposed flesh and ribs, as they are essentially decorative. The basic, unmodified design still relies on human eyes for targeting however, meaning the face or at least the eyes will still be there, protected by transparent armor.

Zero G Hangar

Zero G Hangar

A hangar on a Kurion warship, with cyborg fighters being tended to by workers. Illustration from ‘Between Chains and Starlight’.

The book is now also available at the d20 Pathfinder System Reference Document store: http://shop.d20pfsrd.com/collections/newest-products/products/between-chains-and-starlight

Queen Creature


Years ago, I ran a homebrewed ALIENS RPG. I decided that if the xenomorph were bioweapons, that they should have been engineered *from* something. This is what I imagined the xenomorph queen was based on, a sort of dinosaur-like creature. The crest is essentially a psionic antenna the creature uses to communicate and enhance its senses. I hadn’t really decided how they see…

Computer Use

Computer Use

I figured a dwarf would find a use for old computer hardware. Illustration for the skill ‘Computer Use’.

This is how you internet


‘Punch by IP’, a spell invented by one of my players for dealing with trolls on the internet, that I included in my book. It’s only a cantrip, but I made an illustration for it anyway. Oh, if only…

More art over here btw:

Derelict Xorn Colony Ship


In my game, the Xorn ( http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/xorn ) were a space-faring race once.

The old colony ships, giant inert husks of steel and rock, still float about, and are sometimes used as stations by other races.

The picture is an illustration from an upcoming short PDF that ties in with my game. It will contain a handful of more unusual ships, as well as a small warship with floorplan for player characters.